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Wisdom from a Sophomore, part I

As formal rush approaches, we realize that many first-years must have questions about joining Sigma Chi. We hope this interview with one of our sophomore members, Mitch Woody, helps in your fraternity decision.

Interviewer: So, Mitch, feel free to be candid, this is only going on the internet you know.

Sophomore EX Mitchell Woody offers wisdom to incomming first-years

Mitch: It's cool, I've got nothing to hide.

Interviewer: One of the complaints towards fraternities is that by paying expensive yearly dues, you're in effect, "buying your friends." How do you feel about people saying this?

Mitch: Well, let me just say there is a small yearly fee you have to pay to be in any fraternity. You can't deny that. But when it comes to questioning whether or not I'm "buying" my friends...I think that's irrelevant. You can't put a price on brotherhood. The membership fee is negligible compared to the amount of experiences and positive things I've done for the college community. Needless to say, these guys will be my friends for life.

Interviewer: When you say these guys, you mean your fraternity brothers, right?

Mitch: Right.

Interviewer: Could you elaborate on these positive things you've done for the community? What have you done?

Mitch: We're very active in the community. Service is an integral part to being a true Sigma Chi. Only a couple weeks ago at the Batewood community park we did a lot of landscaping and cleaned the grounds so that families and members of the Danville community could better enjoy the area. It's a really beautiful place. We've also done a letter writing campaign for Up til dawn which I participated in. It's for a great cause.

Interviewer: Those sound like great activities. Moving on to social issues. Do you think Sigma Chi is a social fraternity? That is, as much time as you spend doing service activities and focusing on academics, do you ever get time to hang out with your friends?

Mitch: It can be tough at a school like this. I've always put academics first. But I think it's important that you maintain an appropriate balance between social life and academics. College isn't just about studying. But some fraternities seem to focus too much on the social aspect of college life. That's what's great about Sigma Chi, because at the core of our values is that balance between building character and setting a high academic standard.

Interviewer: That's all for now. Thanks Mitch. We'll finish up part II of your interview later this week.

Mitch: Sounds good, take it easy.

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Merlin Olsen International Day of Service

Centre Sigma Chis hard at work at the Batewood community park

The Zeta Zeta Chapter the Sigma Chi Fraternity recently volunteered their services to a local Danville community park.  Batewood Community Park was created in light of the Batewood Housing Community in Danville for a low income housing project.  Many of the families that live in this community have children and with no parks in safe walking distance. Batewood Community Park was created and is currently in late development stages.  The Brothers of the Zeta Zeta Chapter spent September 15th, Merlin Olsen Sigma Chi International Day of Service, at the park removing graffiti from the park shelter, picking up litter, and they helped to restore a garden after flooding over the summer.

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“All it takes is a little generosity”

Sophomore Patrick Deffendall donates plasma weekly to those in need

Sophomore Patrick Deffendall and a small group of other Sigma Chis have recently started donating plasma to a local facility to assist in medical treatments for various rare illnesses. When Patrick was asked why he felt compelled to donate his plasma, he responded "I just feel like it's my obligation, you know. There's a lot of unfortunate folks out there with terrible sicknesses and I think it's my duty to help." While some facilities provide compensation to donors, Deffendall actively refuses, insisting "all it takes is a little generosity."

According to, "Plasma often is referred to as the "gift of life" because it is the essential starting material needed to manufacture therapies that help thousands of people worldwide with rare, chronic diseases to live healthier, productive and fulfilling lives."

Deffendall has since persuaded 4 other individuals to participate in the plasma donation campaign.

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Letter from the alumni chair

Dear Alumnus,

I hope this letter finds you well.  We thought it would be a good idea to let you know what the Zeta Zeta chapter of Sigma Chi has been up to the last several months.  We were happy to initiate a very talented new pledge class of 15 this spring.  We had a successful spring term in the academic arena as well, and as a chapter we achieved a GPA above the all fraternity average, as well as, the all men’s average.

During the summer our men were involved in some amazing activities.  A few of the many worthwhile pursuits include Will Frentz’s research at the Heuser Hearing Institute, Jacob Edwards’ work at a rural medical clinic, Pat Martin’s internship for the mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Hunt Rouse’s volunteer work for the Rouse Family Foundation in Lexington.

We’ve had a fantastic start to the Fall 2010 term.  [Sentence omitted, reason: fraternal matters].  We are also excited to join the Delta Delta Delta sorority in hosting a “Swimathon” philanthropy event this Halloween.  Another new development is the implementation of study tables twice a week to ensure that our academic success continues.  At these study tables we have some of our smartest members who are there to help any way they can.  We think that that these new steps will produce tangible results, and will help to keep our chapter moving in a positive direction.

[section omitted for privacy purposes]

Kind Regards,

Thomas Richards Class of 2011

Alumni Chair

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Upcoming service project

Centre Sigma Chis will be participating in the annual Up Til Dawn letter writing event this week. For more information visit:

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